Winning Back-to-Back, SMA Labschool Cibubur Won The Gold Prize in Asian Students Exchange Program (ASEP) 2020

The most prestigious student exchange program in Asia, ASEP 2020, has finally ended. Over 40 schools in Asia competed to win the research and presentation competition which held by the ASEP 2020 Organizing Committee.

ASEP is an annual program which held by the Education Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, Taiwan. The goal of this program is to improve student’s critical thinking and public speaking skills through research projects and presentation with other participants from across the Asia-Pacific region.

ASEP 2020 is the 21th edition of the Asian Student Exchange Program (ASEP). This program was the first fully virtual event in the past 21 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this year, every school from abroad have to collaborate with local schools in Taiwan to work on a research project and deliver group presentation through Video Presentation Contest about the world issues “Undercurrent Social Media”.

Winning Back-to-Back

Winning an International Competition is not only an incredibly feat, but it is also a very hard to do. But this year we celebrate in achieving “the dream comes true”.

Students from SMA Labschool Cibubur which team up with our sister-school in Taiwan, Siaogang Senior High School, successfully awarded The Gold Prize in ASEP 2020 on Tuesday (Dec. 29). This is the fifth award that SMA Labschool Cibubur has won for the fifth year in a row since 2016.

Our team are an incredible team. The team this year consisted of 10 members from every school. Here are the students from SMA Labschool Cibubur:

We won on the field against over 40 schools across Asia with our student’s whole-hearted commitment to each other and the goal of going back-to-back winner. Our students did the research project for two months, along with Siaogang SHS students to presenting our best video presentation. The research project including research and discussion through online meeting and recording video presentation.

The research was about the hidden crisis in social media. In the presentation, the students delivered a message of how to use technology resources effectively and correctly. Also, how to identifying media information and improving the ability to think logically in an era of widespread information technology use.

There had been several challenges that our student faced through the preparation of this project. The biggest challenge was recording the presentation with the time limit of 8 minutes from each group, because there were 10 members with a lot of ideas and they wanted to present much information from their discussion. They also faced different barriers culture, communication skills, and so forth. Nevertheless, the students managed it very well. They worked so hard sometimes at midnight and accomplished their project.

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication of our students who was choosen to participate in this program. Moreover, it was so honoured to be able to participate in ASEP 2020 and representing Indonesia in international competition, especially in this pandemic situation.


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